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So after spending 2 weeks exploring the Cenotes and Coasts off Mexico, I couldn’t leave without visiting and diving off the Island of Cozumel!

A short ferry trip of about an hour, from mainland Mexico, at Playa Del Carmen, got me to San Miguel de Cozumel, the capital of the Island. I stayed in a nice local hotel in the centre and spent my first day on the Island exploring, with the aid of a hire scooter.

I spent two full days of diving off the Island, doing 4 dives a day! The marine life was amazing. So much life, colourful corals and pelagic species, such as huge Eagle Rays, Sting Rays and Nurse Sharks to be seen! The current is strong, and all dive are drift dives along the reefs. It is interesting to note, that the current always runs in the same direction, no matter what the tide is doing, this unlike at home, where it changes, depending if its low or high tide!

Overall the dives were very enjoyable, with plenty of marine life photos. Although I believe there is a wreck off the Island, we did not dive it, but I was happy enough diving on the reefs. A great taster to the Caribbean Sea for me!

Below is a link to a small video I have put together, from my dives off Cozumel Island:

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