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Burbuja 800!

A group of us here from Gibraltar, have been spending the last year and a half going back and forth to Murcia, for cave diver training and to explore the "Cueva Del Agua" cave bit by bit. We have only touched the tip of the ice berg as they say, as we still have a lot left to see. The group is made up of Martin Candeas, Vinod Khiani and myself, together with expert cave diving guide Simone Nägele.

Exploration of the cave must be done in very slow steady steps. We recently came back from a weekend trip away in which we had reach the old “end of the cave” at 860M where the “Paso De Juan Sánchez” is and also, another large air bubble exists at just passed the 800M mark, hence why the chamber is called "Burbuja 800" meaning "Air Bubble 800". The oxygen percent is low and carbon dioxide high, so we cannot remove our regulators from our mouths, we must continue breathing from our tanks here! We used Diver Propulsion Vehicles to assist us reaching this distance safely, together with extra tanks of gas, a total of 3 tanks per diver.

This was possible by recording data on each subsequent dive, recording the distance and consumption of gas to each “way point” or chamber. With a total of about 20 to 25 dives in the cave before we reached this great achievement to the Air Bubble and “Paso” at 860M!

With so many dives in the same cave, we are still not bored, we have so much to see yet! We cannot wait to head back soon and explore some more chambers and passages!

Below is a link to a video I've put together from our dive expedition to the Burbuja 800!:

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