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Flooded Soviet Union Prison in Estonia

Last week I was away in Estonia visiting a flooded Soviet Prison! Using my spare Deep Tec Diving Camera as my other one is still missing in Canada! The silt from rain and stirred up hydrogen sulfide, makes the photos hard to capture...


Just outside a small Estonian town called Rummu, there once used to be a Soviet Union prison, which was founded in the 1940s, but now in ruins. The prison was built right beside a limestone quarry. Inmates were forced to work.


Independence was regained by Estonia in 1991, which was when the Soviets moved out, and many of their institutions fell, one been the labour prison at Rummu. Ground water started to seep into the former quarry, when the prison shut down, eventually creating a new lake. The quarry filled up so quickly, that some of the buildings and mining machinery, went underwater.


Today, some of the former prison buildings can still be seen on land, as parts of buildings stick out from the crystal clear lake waters.


Below is a video I took with my GoPro of my dive at the flooded prison:

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