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Diving in Aqaba - Jordan

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Aqaba is being advertised everywhere right now! So why not? I was on a tour of Jordan which had Aqaba as an extra add on option, which of course I decided to take. How could I miss this opportunity? I had heard about the famous “Tank” and Cedar Pride Wreck that Aqaba had to offer, so it’s exactly what I wanted to dive.

I must say traveling through the Wadi Rum Desert the day before with some of my scuba gear and massive camera was interesting! Anyways, the tour had come to an end, and here I was waving goodbye to the rest of the group at our Bedouin camp site at the desert, as I waited for a separate taxi to pick me up for Red Sea destination. With a quick stop on route, to see the Lawrence of Arabia train, I then arrived quite early at Aqaba. Because check in wasn’t till 2pm, I decided to do some site seeing in the old town. Later that afternoon I went to visit the dive centre which was at the resort I was staying in.

The next morning, I had all my gear ready and off we went to the Cedar Pride wreck. And!!! …. Just as I descended the shot line … my camera got a memory card error! So I enjoyed the dive instead and no photos were taken. For the afternoon dive on “The Tank”, I replaced the faulty memory card and off we went. This time my camera worked perfectly. We also got to dive the canyon which runs behind the Tank.

I had another free day for diving, so I asked to do the Cedar Pride again, in hope my camera wouldn’t fail me this time, and it didn’t thankfully. This time I got some nice photos of the wreck, and actually the visibility was much better than the day before. For the afternoon dive, I changed my wide angle lens to a macro lens, and we went off to the house reef to photograph Aqaba’s marine life. Surprisingly although I’ve dived many parts of the Red Sea before and I’m used to seeing the same things all the time, Aqaba offered some species of marine life I had never seen before.

The diving was a nice way to end my tour of Jordan.

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