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Tec Mine Diving in Germany!

Updated: May 27

With the use of social media now-a-days allowing us to share plenty of information, which in the past would have been lesser known, I became aware of an impressive flooded mine in Germany, through one of the diving pages I follow on facebook!


A quick three day trip took me to this freezing cold but beautiful flooded mine, near the town of Bad Fredeburg in Germany to Feliciatas Slate Mine. We did three dives, some of the divers on CCR, others like me, with a twinset and 2 stages. One used as a bottom stage, the other for decompression of about 15 minutes on 02. The water temperature was around 8°c! Average depth of 30M!

Some mining machinery/vehicles, and cutting blades, which are embedded in the slate left around, make for some nice underwater photography.


Below is a link to a GoPro video I made of my dives at the Felicitas Slate Mine:

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