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Searching for Seahorses in Calahonda!

Just a few hours drive from Gibraltar, in the Costa Tropical of Spain, a small unique town called Calahonda can be found. But we must not confuse the Calahonda found here in the province of Granada with the closer to home town also called Calahonda, in the province of Malaga at the Costa del Sol.

I first visited Calahonda when I went on a diving expedition to a wreck off the coast of Almeria called EL Vapor, a while back. I used the dive centre in Calahonda which organised the expedition, but I never got the chance to dive in Calahonda’s waters itself. I had seen many attractive photographs of the marine life around the area at the dive centre. It was the colourful bright yellow seahorses which got my attention the most!

A few of us from the local club in Gibraltar drove over on a Friday evening, and the next morning we left early for our first dive in Calahonda. We took our DPV’s with us and decided to go for a ride around the corner of the “Cala” (Cove), for our first dive. The visibility was quite bad, but I had my camera setup with a macro lens, to take some close-ups of the marine life around.

The second dive was guided by the owner of the Calahonda Dive Centre. This time he took me to see the seahorses! We found a beautiful large bright yellow seahorse on the wall of the Cove, but I wasn’t able to photograph it due to some issues with the visibility going to zero with the propeller of one of our DPVs. I was however, able to photograph some smaller orange seahorses, closes to the beach, on the mooring lines of the boats here.

The next day, my dive buddies attended a dive at the nearby town of La Herradura, but I decided to skip this dive as I had dived this site a few times in the past already. I must go back to Calahonda one day, when the visibility is better, and to photograph the bright yellow seahorses I missed out on this time round.

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