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Laberinto 600!

And before I knew it … I was back here again! It was only two weeks ago that I had dived in the Cueva Del Agua Cave. One of my dive buddies, who is also a cave diver, wanted to come to dive the cave, and I couldn’t resist the offer!

We did a “warm up” dive the afternoon after arriving at Isla Plana, up to around 450 metres inside the cave on the main line. We had both dived up to the air bubble at 500 metres previously, so we both knew the cave well up to that point, so our plan was to progressively explore the next part of the cave.

At 600 metres from the cave entrance, a large chamber is found, with many galleries and passages. As both of us are Intro to Cave Divers, we could still explore this large chamber, as all the galleries and passages were T’s and not jumps, which we are both still not allowed to do. We hired a cave diving guide for this dive, which knows the local area well, and we made our second cave dive the next morning.

Because of the so many passages in this chamber, all the T’s and lines create an underwater complex maze! This is what is referred to in Spanish as a “Laberinto” and is what the chamber is named; Maze 600 (metres from distance).

I used my SCR for this dive, and the guide and my dive buddy used a twinset with a stage.

This dive definitely reminded me of my training, and how important it was to mark the lines you were leaving on the T intersections. There would have been no way of getting out alive, out of gas, if we would have got lost!

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