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“Cueva Del Moraig” - Cave Diving

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

I said I would be back to dive the Cueva Del Moraig Cave, but it was only four weeks ago I was there doing my Cave Diving Courses! I guess I couldn’t wait to go back and photograph and video the cave!

It is a bit of a long drive from Gibraltar, seven hours more or less, as I mentioned in my previous blog, but the time and distance travelling doesn’t really matter when you have such a passion for diving and Underwater Photography in particular.

This time there was good weather, and I was able to do both the two planned cave diving days. I had booked to make two dives, one per day in the Cueva Del Moraig, but I got a surprise and dived the Cave twice on Day One. This was because the instructor was taking a student on a caving diving try dive, only to 100 metres inside the cave, but I took the opportunity to join them anyways.

On Day One I took Underwater Photos of the Cave up to the first jump which goes to the Gallery; “Galería de Animales”. This jump was about 350 metres into the cave. As mentioned above, the second dive we went up to the 100 metres mark, so I took some photos up to there, using the student and instructor as models on my photos.

On Day Two, I just took my GoPro and video lights, and took some videos of the cave, but this time we went up to the section where the tunnel starts to descent into deeper depths. This was at about 450 metres. Typically with my SAC rate and observing the rule of fourths, I tend to be able to do about 400 to 450 metres in a Cave per dive, depth dependent, but on an average cave depth of about 12 metres.

Guess what’s next on my list? Yes that’s right; “Cueva Del Agua” Cenote.

Below is a link to a video I put together of my dive in the Cave “Cueva Del Moraig”:

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