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“Cueva Del Agua” – Cave Diving

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

After having done my final qualifying cave dives for my IANTD Intro to Cave in the Cueva Del Agua, I was very much looking forward to returning to the cave with my underwater DSLR Camera and GoPro Camera.

Returning from my trip from the South of France a week ago, I found some free days between my shift to travel to Isla Plana in Spain, where the cave is located, and is just a 5 hour drive from Gibraltar.

I stayed overnight in Mazarrón, a small town about 10 minute drive from the Cave, before heading to the dive centre early the next morning. There I setup my cave diving kit, and met my dive guide, who showed me an extensive map of the cave, and from there we planned our dives for the day.

I wanted to use my Semi-Closed Rebreather for the cave dives, but unfortunately the rebreather’s computer had a software bug and it had to be sent back to the manufacturer for repairs, just a few days before I left for France a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, I was glad I was still able to dive the cave in Open Circuit instead.

For my first cave dive, I took my DSLR Camera. And for my second dive later that afternoon, I took my GoPro Camera. I decided I wanted to do the same cave route twice. Once for photos and once for recording video footage. We took a Left on the first “T” of the main line, this took us through some beautiful white rock formations along the ceiling of the cave, before then joining back onto the mainline, to which the lines form a circuit in the cave. From here we continued on the main line to the around 400 metre mark, before turning back, using a turn pressure of quarters on my twinset. During my cave diving course, I only saw the right “T” section of the cave, up to the 200 metre mark, so in this trip, I had seen new parts of the cave I had not done in my previous dives.

With so much still to see at the Cueva Del Agua, and other caves to dive in the area too, I hope to return soon!

Below is a link to a video I put together of my dive in the Cave “Cueva Del Agua”:

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