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CT12 & Cueva Del Agua – Cave Diving

The “CT12” Cave is a sea cave, located very close to the “Cueva Del Agua” Cave. I enquired about diving this cave, last time I was visiting the area, and was told I would be given the dates the cave would be available to dive. This is because the cave is located in a Marine Reserve, which the Dive Centre has slots allocated for, at centre times of the month.

The boat was fully booked the morning we went to the CT12 Cave. Other divers were sharing the boat with us cave divers, to dive on the marine reserve. A Belgium Cave Diver on Side-Mounted CCR was joining myself and the guide for the dive. I was unable to take my SC Rebreather with me on my last trip, but I now had received a temporary replacement, so I used my SCR for this cave diving trip!

As I was only doing one dive on the CT12, I took my DSLR Camera to photograph the cave, and mounted a GoPro Camera on the rig, to get some video footage too!

As we descended the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, soon the large entrance to the cave appeared on the underwater cliff wall. There is two entrances to the cave, which then connects at the cavern, one deeper than the other. Passing through the cavern zone, the cave starts to tighten. In this section there are also two areas you can pass through, parallel to each other. One “channel” is quite tight and only used by side-mounted cave divers. Our guide laid a line all the way from the entrance of the cave to almost the end of the cave, as no permanent line is setup inside the CT12.

Almost at the end of the cave, in a fairly large chamber, with beautiful white sands reflecting off the bottom, a section of line had been left here, so our guide attached her primary reel to it. The cave then splits to either a deeper larger chamber below or a side passage on the left. We choose to do the side passage this time round.

As the area I travelled to by car, with all my cave diving gear, was a 5 hour drive from home, I couldn’t leave without diving in the Cueva Del Agua Cave again! My cave diving guide was busy the next morning, so I went out on a hike to see some ruins, gun emplacements and batteries left behind from different wars, before heading off to do my final dive at Cueva Del Agua, and then heading home that evening.

I asked to dive to one of many Air Bubbles found inside the cave. This one being 500 metres from the entrance, on the main line of the cave system. Using my SCR, gas planning allowed me to carry out this dive, with more than enough reserves and bailout gas. My dive guide however, carried a stage, in addition to her twinset.

Below are links to two videos of my cave dives at CT12 and Cueva Del Agua:

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