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Another Year in Cabo de Palos

Another year and the time had come for my clubs annual trip to Cabo de Palos in Spain!

Our first dive was a DPV dive on the wreck of the Carbonero, an hour navigation away on the dive boat. Although I’ve dived this wreck a few times now, it was the first time I had dived it with a DPV. The very same afternoon we did a dive on one of the sea mounts, as usual, full of marine life: barracudas, large groupers etc.

On our second day, we were supposed to do a Technical Dive at the “Bajo de Fuera” Sea Mount, but due to bad weather, this was cancelled. This however didn’t stop us from going diving on EL Narajinto wreck which was slightly more sheltered from the large swell and waves that morning. I was going to take my DPV on this dive too, but I made a last minute decision to leave it behind.

My final dive of the trip was on the Nord America wreck in the “Bajo de Fuera” Sea Mount. The weather had improved overnight, and we were able to dive here this time. I then left Cabo de Palos after the morning dive, and made the 6 hours drive back home to Gibraltar. The rest of my buddies stayed for two extra days over the weekend, but I had to leave early due to work commitments.

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