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Advancing Cave Diver Training

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

This week I found myself back in the “Cueva Del Agua” Cave in Spain. Although I booked my FULL Cave Diver and Multi-Stage Cave Diver training months ago, I initially was expecting to do the first parts of the course in the “Cueva Del Moraig, Cave which is where my Cave Diving Instructor’s Dive Centre is located. But due to bad weather conditions, the cave, which is entered through the sea, and the strong flow coming out of the cave from the rain, made the conditions undesirable.

A few days ago, I was contacted about the possibility of moving the course over to Isla Plana in Spain, where the Cueva Del Agua is located. Of course I had no problem in agreeing to the change of location! The cave is easier to access in my own opinion, rather than having to reach the other cave by boat or a long swim from the beach. The Cueva Del Agua is also a much more interesting cave to dive, with many galleries and to explore, unlike the Cueva Del Moraig, which is mainly a large tube/tunnel underground with just two galleries to explore quite far into the cave!

I certified to Intro to Cave Diver earlier this year, so my new skills/training was this time focused on jumps, circuits and complex navigation. My final part of the training involved using stages in a cave dive, I am already trained to use Multiple Stages for Tec Diving in Open Water, but this part of the training was specifically for cave dives.

Below are links to two videos my instructor took of me whilst carrying out the courses:

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