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El Vapor - Cabo de Gata

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Down at the coast of Almeria, lies a large wreck called Arna, locally called “El Vapor”. She lies in an area called Cabo de Gata. The place is a 4 hour drive from Gibraltar. I made my way after work on Friday evening towards a town called Calahona, at the Costa Tropical in Spain. There I stayed the night before making a 1.5 hour trip to Cabo de Gata.

We dived with Buceo Calahonda. They organised a boat and Tec Dive for us. The dive itself was amazing. Some of the best visibility I have seen in the Mediterranean, and very warm waters. My favourite part of the wreck was the massive propeller. I took many photos of the whole wreck; photos coming soon!

The day ended with a black paella at one of the local restaurants in Cabo de Gata, before heading back to Gibraltar that same evening.


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