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Wreck Diving in Cabo de Palos

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

On the first week of June every year, the Gibraltar Sub Aqua Club (GSAC 888) arrange a club dive trip to Cabo de Palos in Spain. This time it was my 3rd time visiting the place! It’s always a long 5 and a half hours drive up from home but it’s definitely worth it, and anyways, I love driving long distances!

Day 1 involved a 1 hour boat ride to “El Carbonero” wreck. We had tried diving this wreck last year in June, but the visibility was very poor, returning in September last year, I got crystal clear visibility, but unfortunately my camera was broken at the time, so I only got some GoPro footage. This time I had my camera! The visibility was average, but good enough to take some photos for my collection of wreck photography. That same afternoon, we did one of the sea mounts, called “Bajo de Dentro”.

The next day, I took the opportunity to take some aquatic life photography on two other sea mounts called “Piles I” & “Piles II”. The rest of the afternoon we had free to rest.

Day 3 saw us going to one of my favourite dive sites, the sea mount “Bajo de Fuera”, which requires special permissions and documents to be able to dive. The current was strong, but nonetheless I managed to pull myself down the shot line and take cover on the South Wall. Here lies the remains of three wreck. Due to its depth, we stayed at 50M and did the bow of a wreck called S.S. Sirios and then penetrated the whole 100M length of a wreck lying upside down called “Minelva”. That same afternoon, I took a rest from the photography, and we hired some Diver Tug Scooters and went to El Naranjito wreck.

Our final day involved diving the best wreck of all, S.S. Stanfield! This was the first time for me on this wreck. Due to it’s depths we only spent a small amount of time exploring the top part of the bow. I got some nice photos for my collection. I stayed, wanting more out of this wreck. I can’t wait to go back to it!

And so … four weeks later, here I was again. This time I went with a group of Tec Divers. I specifically only went to dive the deep wrecks. We dived the South Wall of Bajo de Fuera on the first day, and we did a 60M dive to the Nord America wreck. An impressive gun still stands proud on her stern. Second day we dived the North Wall at Bajo de Fuera, this time we dived the Stern & Boilers of the S.S. Sirios wreck, this was the first time for me exploring the North Wall. On our last day, we had S.S. Stanfield planned, but due to strong currents, our dive got cancelled. Well there’s always next time!

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