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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Woooow my first shark encounter … and it was with the majestic Oceanic White Tip Shark!

Well here I was again on a liveaboard in Egypt for the second time this year. I had already booked the one I did in March ages ago before my club booked a whole boat just for us for November, just months after I had already booked my March trip, but I couldn’t refuse not going.

This liveaboard took us down to Brothers Islands, after completing a check dive, another dive and night dive at a reef close to Hurghada. The shark encounter was on our first dive on Big Brother, what an amazing experience. The second dive was on the massive wreck that lies on a steep slope on the Island, called Numidia. Apparently a lone hammerhead shark swam passed us at some point on the wreck, but I missed it. On the next dive we hovered under our boat and managed to see a silky shark swim under us and a few more oceanic white tips above us.

Our third day was on Small Brother. Again we saw loads of sharks. This time I managed to see a thresher shark too, but it swam too fast to get a decent photo. The next day we did the mandatory Thistlegorm wreck before heading to Gubal for a night dive. On the fifth day we did “The Barge” and reef at Gubal before heading to see some dolphins and then doing a night dive. The final day I could not dive due to blocked sinuses, but I didn’t miss much. They dived the dolphin house reef which I did a few times in March and then the “El Mina” wreck in Hurghada, which I have also done before.

It was an amazing experience with the sharks at Brothers Islands, and I can’t wait to go back to our next club liveaboard next year!

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