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Back to Cabo de Palos!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Here I was again! I loved the diving so much, I decided to return with another diver from our club. This time I went for a day less, I was running out of annual leave at work!

The largest sea mount in the Marine Reserve called “Bajo de Afuera” can be seen from the surface, with its highest point at 5 metres. The walls drop off down to 50 metres on the seabed. Lots of boats have crashed into this sea mount, and now lie as wrecks, scattered around the mount. Due to its depth, special permits need to be booked in advance from the Spanish Government, and a specialist hyperbaric doctor needs to examine you before you can dive this site. We had found a doctor in Algeciras and all the paperwork was sorted for this dive, a month before.

Unfortunately my camera housing’s strobe connector broke, and I didn’t want to take the camera without strobes so I sent it for repair and had to make do with my GoPro and video lights instead. Nonetheless the footage I managed to take was amazing, though I still wish I could have had my camera with me. Especially as we also dived “El Carbonero” again, this time crystal clear visibility! Oh well … guess where I am going again next year!

All the dives where amazing as expected, and I loved taking some video footage for a change. We even got to do an amazing 40 metre technical night dive on “El Naranjito”.

Hasta Pronto Cabo de Palos!

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