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Diving the East Side Caves of Gibraltar

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

My first dive in Gibraltar's East Side Caves!

Despite the many years I've been diving in Gibraltar, Sunday was my first time diving in these caves. It was a stormy morning, with high westerly winds and some rain. We decided to head to the eastern side of Gibraltar, which is rarely dived. Here the sea was flat, sheltered from the wind by the rock of Gibraltar.

Originally we planned to dive the Fred Flintstone Submarine dive site, a deep dive at 38 meters, but just as we made our way to the east side, we decided to do the caves instead. Unfortunately, the visibility was at its worst, just about 1 meter or so. I did my best to photograph the caves, with not too bad results, considering the bad visibility.

I hope to go back in the nearer future to take some photos when the visibility is much better, for now, hope you enjoy the photos I have taken.

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