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  • Shaun Yeo

Searching for the Bristol Bombay

The Bristol Bombay is a high-wing monoplane bomber, which developed engine trouble on the 6th July 1941, and was ditched into the sea.

As I got on board our dive boat, I couldn't wait to get to the dive site. I was filled with excitement. This would be my first Technical Dive after completing my Tec Deep courses, and also the first Tec Dive I will do in Gibraltar!

We headed out to the GPS coordinates provided, and with the help of the sonar, we dropped the shot line. We later found out that what appeared on the sonar was actually a large boulder. The visibility was amazing, it must have been around 20 metres, which for Gibraltar standards is excellent. We didn't find the wreck, but nevertheless it was an amazing experience, with lots of scattered boulders, full of marine life, lying around.

Dive time was 56 minutes at an average depth of 38 meters. I used an 8.5L twinset with 28% EANx, a 7L stage with 28% EANx and a 10L deco tank with 50% EANx. Bottom time was 30 minutes with 26 minutes of deco time.

I cannot wait to do another technical dive! I hope you all enjoy the short video I made with my GoPro Hero 3+!

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